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Lesvos Rent A Car & Info

Car Rental Lesvos, Rent a Car in Lesvos Airport (Mytilene)

Pangosmio Rent a Car Lesvos (Mytilene)

To get acquainted with the island of Lesvos, we suggest paying a visit to Pangosmio Lesvos Rent a Car Agency. Our experienced staff will inform you about our car rental services, recommend the car hire that best suits your needs and help you organize a touring schedule around Lesvos with a safe and reliable car to enjoy your stay on the island, whether you are on vacation or a business trip.

Rent a Car Lesvos (Mytilene)

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On this page, you will find a map of Lesvos, Greece showing the major points of interest on the island that are the best places to visit in your Lesvos car rental vehicle. You will be informed of Lesvos sites, Lesvos beaches, as well as distances and useful phones of Lesvos Port, Lesvos Airport and other authorities on Lesvos Island Greece.

Lesvos is an island of wonderful variety, a land where so many of Greece’s most prominent authors and poets were born. Throughout history, Lesvos was an important centre of civilization and literature, but also a place where nature was and still is at its most brilliant, with endless olive tree fields, green hills and long beaches. Perhaps its is best known for its excellent quality ouzo, Greece’s traditional alcoholic drink made with anis seed, which never fails to put you in a good mood.

Lesvos Sites & Attractions

Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos Island is host to many splendid archaeological and historical sites that are a must during your stay on the island, such as

  • the Castle, which contains remains of the Archaic, Classical, Medieval and Ottoman Eras
  • the Early Hellenistic Theater
  • the Ancient Graveyard
  • the Ottoman Baths and Agora
  • the Geni Mosque
  • the traditional house/museum of Marika Vlachou
  • the Churches of Agios Therapon and of Taxiarchis
  • the Cave of Agios Vartholomaios
  • the neoclassical buildings
  • the Archaeological, Byzantine, Epigraphical, Folk Art, Modern Art and Theophilos Art Museums

While touring Lesvos Island, we suggest visiting the following attractions and sites in the island’s villages:

  • the Fortress, the remains of the Ancient City, the Art Gallery, the Archaeological Museum and the houses of 2 great men of Greek literature, Ilias Venezis and Argyris Eftaliotis in Mithymna
  • the Church of the Virgin Mary, built in 1180 AD, when the miraculous Icon of the Virgin was brought from Zion, in Agiassos
  • the ruins of the Acropolis, the Ancient City and the Archaeological Museum in Eressos
  • the Archaic Tower and the Natural History Collection in Vrisa
  • the Monastery of Leimonos and the ruins of Ancient Arisvi in Kalloni
  • the Monastery of Taxiarchis in Mantamados
  • the ruins of Ancient Pyrra and the Ancient Temple in Agia Paraskevi
  • the Roman Aquaduct in Moria
  • the Church of Panagia Glykofiloussa in Petra
  • the Fossilized Forest, the Turkish Castle and the Natural History Museum in Sigri
  • the Barbayiannis Ouzo Museum and the Soap Making Museum, Lesvos’ most exported products, in Plomari
  • the home of the great Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis in Sykaminea
  • the traditional villages of Agiassos, Eressos, Mantamados, Mithymna, Petra, Sigri and Sykaminea.
Lesvos Beaches

Lesvos has both small coves and long stretches of beach, satisfying all types of visitors. Most beaches are both pebbly and sandy. Along the eastern side of the island, visitors can swim at the beaches of Neapoli, Vareia, Panagiouda, Thermi and Skala Mistegnon. In the north, you can go to the beaches of Tsonia (accessible by 4x4 car), Efthalou and Mithymna.

The eastern side of Lesvos offers the beautiful beaches of Gavvatha, Sigri and Eressos, while on the southern side, the beaches of Vatera, Drota and Tarti provide endless hours of relaxation.

You can reach Lesvos Island, Greece:

A. From Athens to Lesvos by:

  1. Airplane from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

    The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: Tel. +30 210 353-0000
    Olympic Airlines Athens: Tel. +30 210 966-6666 or 801-11-44444
    Aegean Airlines Athens: Tel. + 30 210 626-1000 or 801-11-20000
  2. Ferry boat from Piraeus Port and Lavrio Port:

    Piraeus Port : Tel. +30 210 422-6001 to 3
    Lavrio Port : Tel. +30 22920 25249

B. From Thessaloniki to Lesvos by:

  1. Airplane from the “Macedonia” Thessaloniki Airport

    “Macedonia” Thessaloniki Airport: Tel. +30 2310 985-000 or +30 2310 473-212
    Olympic Airlines Thessaloniki: Tel. +30 2310 368-311
    Aegean Airlines Thessaloniki: Tel. +30 2310 239-225 to 6
  2. Ferry Boat from Thessaloniki Port:

    Thessaloniki Port : Tel. +30 2310 531-505

From Lesvos to Athens and Thessaloniki by:

Ferry Boat or Airplane

Lesvos Port (Mytilene): Tel. +30 22510 40827 or +30 22510 47888
Lesvos Airport “Odysseus Elytis”: Tel. +30 22510 38700 or +30 22510 38722
Olympic Airlines Lesvos: Tel. +30 22510 28659
Aegean Airlines Lesvos (at airport): Tel. +30 22510 61120

From Lesvos, visitors can also fly to the airports of other NE Aegean Islands (Limnos, Chios and Samos) and to Rhodes Island or take a boat to other NE Aegean Islands (Ikaria, Limnos, Samos and Chios), Cyclades Islands (Andros, Mykonos, Tinos and Syros) and the region of Thrace. For more information, kindly contact the Lesvos Airport and the Lesvos Port authorities.

Other Lesvos authorities:

Lesvos Police: Tel. +30 22510 29900
Lesvos Tourist Police: Tel. +30 22510 22776
Lesvos (Mytilene) General Hospital: Tel. +30 22510 57700 or +30 22510 40503

Surcharges for hotel/ railway/ port/ airport deliveries and collections are always included in our offered prices!

When comparing our prices with others, make sure you compare FINAL prices and not ones that purposely keep surcharges hidden away!

Map of Greece